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What We Do

Web Development Services

Professional web development services offering custom website design, web development,corporate branding, consultation and website management. we deliver websites and web applications.

Our custom software development technical aspect includes:
Custom CMS Development
Bespoke Software Development
Mobile Application Development

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Mobile Development Services

Android is an operating system and software platform based on Java technology which is developed for smartphones and tablets promoted and developed by Google and the Open Headset Alliance. Android is giving countless applications which are used by many cellular companies in android phones.

RegexByte developers of Android are working hard in creating innovative and exciting Android applications on demands of customers with very affordable prices.

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Desktop software development

ScienceSoft mainly focuses on delivering turnkey desktop applications ready for shipping to end users. Yet, our development services also include:
Work on separate parts of the Customer’s project, e.g. testing, delivery of a platform-specific version or application maintenance Augmentation of the Customer’s IT team at any project stage to bring in particular competencies or experience Following the time-tested procedures of architectural sessions, code review, writing self-documenting code, and unit testing.

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Wordpress Development Services

Let's start with some facts about WordPress & CMS

WordPress powers more than 23.4% of websites today Nearly every web user has either heard, seen or used WordPress Wordpress website development is the most sought after service today But why?

Well, because WordPress has more than 68% share of the web industry. It's indeed Everywhere! Today where there is a website for everything from booking movie tickets to shopping to playing games.

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